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Anodising Rectifier

Mak Plus Power Systems Anodizing Rectifiers are equipped with almost all parameters of and anodizing bath in addition to be a normal anodizing rectifier.

Anodising Rectifiers


Basically the system running in the special program of study with voltage-controlled output voltage ramp to the desired period of time given as a constant voltage control is provided. 

With the automatic micron calculation system apart from the component number desired micron thickness is plated automatically by the system. At the same time the bath tempeperature is controlled to ensure ideal anodizing process. 

Window Profiles
 Aluminum Accessories
 Building Coatings

Metal Industry

Aeronautics and Space Vehicles
 Industrial Machine Parts
 White Goods
 Street Furniture

General Technical Specifications

Plating Thickness ControlMRS control system perceives the surface of the component automatically and calculates the necessary operation time for the desired thickness . The operator just enters the value of desired thickness and pushes the start buton. All the other processes are made by the rectifier automatically.
Measuring TemperatureAnodizing bath should be between  18 - 22 C.Pool temperature is measured by the rectifier and shown on the panel so there won’t be an external measurement needed which allows easier operation. 
Pool Temperature ControlThe minimum and maximum pool temperature values are entered in anodizing programs. The rectifier measures the pool temperature and checks the conformity to the given values and runs the cooling system if needed and stops when it is reached to the desired temperature so there is no need for complex temperature control mechanisms. 
Recipe SystemThe running program is kept in record of the system for aluminum components with different chacteristics. The recipe on the system record is loaded for the different component and  process can be started faster which also ensures standard production as well as keeping out from conflict of which recipe should be applied. 
Functional Operator PanelThe operator panel designed for anodizing rectifiers has touchscreen ,colored and wide screen. All functions of the device can be defined on this screen including calibration process, preparing recipies for components. The operator panel has IP65 protection class which is not effected by the moisture,acid etc.. at the environment and can be used for years safely. 
PLC Control System MRS Anodizing 5000A and 4000A and 10000A Rectifiers have PLC control system which are durable for years and high reliability since they are made by industrial components. It’s open to innovations with flexible programming features.If the device is required to work with an outer system it can be adopted to any automation system easily

http://www.mrs-gleichrichter.de/anodising-rectifiers.html http://www.mrs-gleichrichter.de/anodising-rectifiers.html

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