10 Haziran 2012 Pazar

Switch Mode Rectifier

On Switch Mode rectifiers high frequency switching technique is implemented  to control transistor. Hence it doesn’t contain iron based transformator it is quite small and light. It is proved that it saves 20%-30% energy more because of its special technology comparing to thyristor controlled rectifiers at the same current and voltage values. Considering situations like wrong rectifier choice, wrong application etc.. it can be observed that energy saving up to 40% is possible with these systems.High-speed IGBT technology Modular power platform and multi-frame internal connection Microprocessor Control System Energy savings up to 40% compared to Thyristor Controlled Rectifiers Compensation-free system, Power Height (cos Φ = 1)Low output ripple 't (<% 2)High precision voltage and current regulation Quick response time and high stability load changes (~ 1ms)Distributed power control 75% space saving compared with Thyristor Controlled systems, base size 43 x 43cm 60% lighter than the Thyristor Controlled systems The main on-off switch on the front and the operator control panel Easy access to all input / output connections on the rearRS485 - RS232 serial communication unit Automation Compatible SystemPC / PLC Connection Air-cooled system. Switch Mode Rectifier.



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