10 Haziran 2012 Pazar

DC Distribution Panels

DC Distribution Systems are mostly used in hydroelectric plants,thermal plants, energy distribution centrals. Although they are manufactured as 110V can be manufactured between 24 V and 220V DC distribution board can be regulated as one or two rectirifer input and multiple receivers depending on the Project. Circuit cut breaker and fuse are used for every receiver on demand. Besides it can be equipped with measurement tools for measuring the rectifier and voltage current seperately.

Through DC leakage protection system on DC distribution board a fully protection is obtained for eath lekages from – or + busbar. In case of earth leakage system cut off is optional. DC distribution boards are manufactured between  IP20- 54 protection class and have oven-drying paint and steel contruction. Vertical aor mounted types are manufactured as per demand. Since they have compact design rectifier,batteries, distribution system can be placed in the same cabin.


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